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New Line Marking

  • Marking of all types including: Roads , Airports , Carparks , Commercial/Industrial Warehousing as well as Schools and Sports Courts.

Line Marking Paint 

  • Action Line Marking runs a fleet of five custom built paint vehicles using  waterborne and specialty paints  each with the capacity to carry 1000 litres of paint. It also has  self - propelled and handwork line marking units, no project is too big or too small.

Thermoplastic & Audio Tactile Line Marking (ATLM)

  • Action Line Marking offers the use of Thermoplastic material where painted lines may wear quickly or where improved retro-reflectivity is required. Thermoplastic is a long- life material, with three types of applications. Audio-Tactile Line Marking , Extrusion Thermoplastic AND Preformed Thermoplastic.

Line Marking Tape

  • Linemarking Tape is a available on request. To find out more about our line marking tape solution please contact the team at Action Line Marking to discuss your requirements.

Line Removal High Pressure Water Blasting

  • High Pressure Water Blasting and Road Re-texturing is exclusive to Action Line Marking via SA Roadline Removal. The water blasting process equipment is capable of upto 40,000 psi of pressure to fully remove all types of lines, rubber and other road pavement markings. This state of the art equipment also has the ability to remove excess bitumen from road surfaces delivering a high- quality surface completely re-textured while also being Environmentally friendly and vacuuming up its own waste.

Line Removal Machine Grinding

  • Action Line Marking has a wide range of ride on and hand operated equipment for all of your removal needs.


  • Action Line Marking installs, Pavement Bars, Raised Pavement Markers ( RPM's ) Wheelstops and also Sign Installation . All installation is as per the relevant Australian Standards and only approved adhesives are used.

Traffic Management / White Card / First Aid

  • Action Line Marking staff have been trained and are accredited in Workzone Traffic Control and Whitecard National Safety induction as well as First Aid.  When we arrive on site, signage is set up ensuring the crews can concentrate on the job at hand. This enables us to minimize the inconvenience to the public whilst ensuring a safer work environment for our employees. All traffic control signage and devices are supplied on each job where applicable.

Coloured and Textured Surfaces

  • Colour Surfaces provide both visual and skid resistant qualities that are attractive to any job site. Coloured and High Friction Surfaces play a vital role in increasing surface texture, reducing vehicle braking speeds and distances, minimising accidents with an overall road safety focus.
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